Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I Made the Curly Proverbz Hair Growth Oil

I was inspired by YouTuber Curly Proverbz to create a hair growth oil. If you've been following me for a while then you'll know that it had to be some strong inspiration for a skeptic like me to go out and buy all these ingredients to create this oil!

One of the biggest hurdles to creating this oil is getting all of the supplies. Between the essential oils and health food store products, it wasn't cheap to assemble the components of the oil. The most expensive thing I bought was henna and that was mostly because I had to order it online. Henna in and of itself is actually pretty reasonably priced if you have an ethnic store that sells it locally. The second big price tag are the essential oils. This recipe calls for three. I already had some of the oils though.

The cheapest thing I bought for this oil were the Fenugreek Seeds. The health food store near my house has bulk bins. I was able to buy exactly how much I needed for this recipe for the "grand" total of 66 cents! Despite the upfront cost, I can reuse these ingredients (and get more seeds) quite a few times before everything is gone.

Making the oil was really fun. It gave me "Harry Potter vibes" with it's green color and seeds settled on the bottom. Also, this glass container from Dollar Tree was perfect for the 2 cups of oil it's holding. I plan to let the oil infuse all this week then begin using it with the inversion method and frequent scalp massages come October (Saturday!).

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