Wednesday, November 09, 2016

No Results | Now What?

In my update video for the Curly Proverbz hair oil I shared that the oil had really not done anything for me. I grew a completely normal amount of hair for this time period. I guess this was disappointing to folks because I got a few dislikes, which is not the norm for my channel. *Kanye Shrug* lol. 

Anyhow, these results pose the question "what now?"

I will continue to use the oil

Okay, after what I paid for these ingredients and how much of the oil I still have, there is no way that I'd completely stop using this oil. Though it didn't help my hair growth, it didn't hurt it either. I also cannot complain about the boosted nail growth. I have always preferred my nails on the longer side.

I will increase the massage frequency

I plan to massage my scalp daily. It is pretty easy to do while watching TV/YouTube or reading a (digital) book. I was regularly massaging when I managed to grow my hair an inch each month during a previous challenge.

I may bring out the scissors

My ends need Jesus. I may do a big chop to remove the tattered ends. When I cut 2 inches off of my hair a few months ago, there was definitely more that needed to go but I decided to be more conservative. It could be these remaining ends that are holding me back.

I'm getting back to normal

I am running out of all of the trial products I was so stocked up on for the last few months. I am now slowly bringing back in my old products or ones similar to them. I'm already back to using rinse out conditioner as a deep conditioner at the time of writing this and I am in need of my favorite curl cream. The super defined wash and go will also be making a return.

In all, I think this was an adventure in and of itself. I don't regret a penny spent on creating this oil or a second spent applying it. I look forward to seeing what implementing these action steps above does for my hair.

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