Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How to Refresh a Braid Out

Last month I mentioned how to refresh a braidout in passing. I believe I dedicated a good, long sentence to the process. Refreshing a braidout is something that I did quite often when braidouts were my primary style. Here are the steps to getting an awesome rest-of-the-week out of your braid out.

How to Refresh a Braid Out

  1. Section off your old braid out into manageable sections. I like to go with four. The sections are big enough to not annoy me and small enough to give me control over the style.
  2. Re-moisturize the section. I begin working on each section by applying more of the moisturizer and oil that I originally styled with. By the time you need to refresh your hair, this re-moisturization is probably due.
  3. Braid it up! I like to braid my hair into the same sections that I originally braided them in. Since this is a process that I will only do once before washing again, I don't mind the extra time of doing braids that are the same size as the originals.
  4. Spray it down. Lightly spray each section to dampen it. If you don't have a spray bottle, it also works to wet your hands and run them over the braids. Be careful with that second option, you don't want your hair to be tooooooo wet. We want this to dry quickly.
  5. Dry. I prefer to air dry overnight. If I wasn't too crazy with the water my hair is usually 100% dry the next morning.  
Note: DO NOT comb at any point in this process. We will be using some of the old definition to help boost the new definition. Combing may result in a less wavy result and possibly cause breakage.

I have faithfully used these steps to keep my braid out going time and time again. If you try them out, let me know how it worked. If you're needing a quick braid out and a shampoo, view my post on how to get a quick wash and a braid out at the same time.

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