Monday, August 30, 2010

Hair Type Obsession?

Seems like everyone and their mama is worrying about their hair type. It's getting to the point that some people think they can't start their regimen until they know their hair type. Why did I miss this craze? I don't know my hairtype and neither am I in a hurry to figure it out. I can see the benefit of knowing your hairtype so that you can associate with others with that type, but trial and error will get you results too. Somebody had to try this and that first to see that it worked for their hairtype before they could share it with others with a similar type.

People have got to understand that this typing system can't cleanly classify everyone's hair. Some people are without a doubt type 3b or 4a, but others may have a mixture or have a type that doesn't resemble anything on the chart. Also, like I said before, typing isn't a necessity. My regimen was started and has been working just fine without typing. There are people with barely half an inch of natural hair worrying about the type of it. Unless you're growing at least an inch of natural hair whether that be by relaxer stretching or transitioning, you can't even begin to type your hair. Even then it MAY not be accurate as some people think their hair is one type and then find it is another type when they BC or stretch/transition even longer.

The whole idea is iffy to me...


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