Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Max Hydration Method - Month 3

What befell month 2, I am still wondering. I'm just going to say my blog ate it. Anywho folks, I have completed 3 months on the Max Hydration Method.

 What I'm using...
I was--until last night--still using the acv for the rinsing step. However, I noticed that the baking soda option is much more popular and that the acv step is probably better for someone with normal to high porosity. I'm testing out the baking soda recipe with water and spraying it on. My hair hasn't dried yet but when it does, I'll be sure to let you know the difference.

I am also still using the Tressemme Naturals Radiant Volume. I am on bottle 3 of 4 and plan to try the newly approved Crece Pelo! Crece has a "crack-like" following and I am eager to see what all the hype is about. It isn't as cheap as TN but it isn't very expensive either. Depending on how I feel about the Crece, I will begin getting my TN on the ground in the moisturizing formula once the Crece has finished.

My clay has always been Aztec Healing from day one and I'm not looking to change. I have now upped the cups of water to 3 and put it in a squirt water bottle. The texture is easier to apply and rinse now. I have dabbled in flax seed gel but it makes my hair so poofy and I have to coat the outside of my hair with a little Kinky Curly. I'm going to invest in the 16oz Kinky Curly and try out the Alaffia gel.

How the definition is coming along...
My hair now has "hard" clumps in some places. What I mean are a lot of curls that are banding together to firmly make the curl shape. My definition also goes up higher. Before it was around my eyebrows that the definition stopped. the "definition line" has risen just a little bit. I could compare better if I were using Kinky Curly's gel but I made this flax seed gel and--darn it--I'm going to finish it!


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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Response: Steve Harvey on Holding on to The Past

Earlier this week I was listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show. The show comes on when I am about 30 minutes into my commute to work. Before all of the cast come on, Steve does a motivational segment that is often followed by a fitting gospel song. I love this segment and turn it up each time that it is on. This particular morning, Steve was speaking about moving forward and letting go of things that we have been holding on to in the past.

Often times Steve will use a personal experience to convey the message of the day. On this day he told of a young man that kept coming up to him trying to share what he was doing and basically trying to get Steve's attention. Steve acknowledged that what he would say about this situation next would get him a lot of emails but he described this man's hair as very long locs. He said that he told the young man that though he was trying to share all he was doing, Steve found his hair distracting. When asked why he had this hair the young man responded that he had been growing it since he was a young boy. Steve asked "what does it do for you?" to which the man responded "I like it. It's a part of me."

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Length Retention Boot Camp #2

I'm back with more cellphone photos to update you on my personal length boot camp. This photo looks better than the last because my iPhone 4 decided to go off and never come back on so I had to upgrade. Anywho, I am happy to finally report that I am no longer on the number 10 line! To celebrate, I'm buying everyone a round!

Since the last check in I have been primarily wearing my hair out instead of protected like at the last update. I am still taking my vitamins but have since switched to a gummy vitamin and MSM powder. Cutting my multi and MSM tablets made one side rough and so taking them was difficult. I chew up a gummy every 12 hours and have MSM in my coffee. Ah! This is a lot easier. There have been no changes to my biotin intake. I take it each evening with the 2nd gummy.

I'm not sure if it is the vitamins, but my hair is black at the roots. the roots aren't long enough to say that the black that I dyed my hair stained my hair brown or anything like that. I'm wanting to say my vitamin combo is making my hair grow in darker. I have changed my regimen to follow the Max Hydration Method so I have not been moisturizing daily but instead rewashing and styling my hair every three days.

So--many--factors! See you all in October when I do my regular length check on my YouTube channel. Until then enjoy the imaginary, virtual drink I just bought you.


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