Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Micro Trimming

I have gone micro trimming crazy! It all started when I came across these posts on Relaxed Hair Health (1,2). In these posts Nadege introduces the concept of micro trimming and her plans to begin trimming in this manner. Interest, piqued.

What is micro trimming?
Micro trimming is the process of regularly trimming off a small amount of hair. I'm talking as often as 1/4th of an each every 3 months.

I also found this interesting thread on Untamed Tresses. I didn't just read about micro trimming, I also watched a video on it by AuCurls Naturelle. In the video she claims that the secret to her length retention has been micro trimming.

I will do my regular 1/2" for my trim in October. I am playing around with doing 1/4" in January, April, July, and October of next year. The total amount trimmed by the end of the year would still be the same, 1".

How do you know exactly how much you are trimming?
I have actually measured my fingers and can get a pretty exact trim using certain fingers for certain lengths. I have post on that here if you would like to see what I did and measure your own hands.

How do you even trim natural hair?
I have a video for that here! :)


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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 2014 Length Check

Believe it or not, I have been intending to make this post for two weeks now. I'm usually pretty good with making follow up posts after length check videos. 

As you can see from the photo (click to enlarge), I am finally retaining length again. I believe this is due to increased moisture in my hair from "watering" my hair more frequently and deep conditioning twice a week. I am still taking my "hairfinity alternative" but I am unsure if it is really doing anything. I may eventually drop the extras and just take a multi for general health insurance. I recently finished my multivitamin gummies and replaced them with gummies from the same brand specifically for women. It has more of "the good stuff" in it than their multivitamin.

I will also be trimming my hair soon. Sometime next week I'll be trimming my hair in twists. I'm overdue for a good trim and trims are essential for retention. More on that later...


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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Why I Don't Bun for a Protective Style

Ask someone on a hair journey "How did you grow your hair out?" and you'll get a lot of "Oh, I wear it mainly in buns." "I'm big on protective styles." and "My hair is always up." Protective styling--specifically "bunning"--has been praised as the best way to retain length in African American hair. I too used to look at this style as some sort of magical hair growth aid. I even have several YouTube videos dedicated to buns.

Shortly after I went natural I wanted to really see what my hair could do so I ditched the bun in favor of loose set styles. I retained length with these styles but wanted to get even more serious about my retention game so I joined a bun challenge. The bun challenge went well but the results were less than impressive. Also, wearing buns for 6 months made me realize that when not stretched into a set style, my natural texture gets really tangled on itself at my crown. I would spend a lot of time detangling my hair between buns and I dreaded the process.

Now, if I ever want to wear a protective style, I put my hair into jumbo twists and style those. They're quick to put in and just as quick to take out on wash day. They also keep my hair from getting tangled. I have two jumbo twist styles on my YouTube channel. However, I just don't bun that often at all now. I know that I can retain length by keeping my hair moisturized with a deep conditioner and leave in and sealing that moisture in.

Buns = Tangles :(


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