Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to School/ Back to College Cheap Hair Products

When I was in college I lived in the dollar stores and CVS. In these stores are where I found the majority my hair products. I didn't have money to waste. If you are in college or returning this fall you may be looking to find affordable hair products. Here are some of my suggestions based on things I have used in the past, those recommended by others, and products I would use now.

All images are from the sites indicated next to the photos. Click the images to see pricing and products more clearly.


Though I am keeping the products under $5, I listed Hair One because it can be used as a shampoo, conditioner, and leave in. The product is 12oz and is said to last for some time. You would be getting three products in one. I listed the Organix because it is a low cost sulphate free shampoo. My husband uses this line's conditioners and enjoys them. If you are willing to spend more, I suggest Shea Moisture shampoos. I did not picture them because they are $9.99 and not multipurpose.

You can see here that I have included the multipurpose Hair One here again. I have included the Suave Naturals Conditioner because it is super cheap, can be used as a cowash, detangles, is (usually) cone free, and is under a dollar at most stores! My husband uses the Organix Conditioner as a cowash and has for about a year--had to include it. Pricing for it is approximate.

Deep conditioning is essential to your hair care regimen and some deep conditioners can have price tags in the double digits. I have used all of the above conditioners and liked them. The Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner is especially good if you are looking for a weekly conditioner that can help keep your hair's protein/moisture balance. The Lustrasilk is thick and creamy and is cone free.

Here again I have listed the Hair One because it can be used as a leave in and daily moisturizer. I listed this newer Aussie Split End Protector because it is supposed to be similar to the original formula of the Herbal Essences Split End product. The Cantu and Organic Root Stimulator products are highly recommended by others and are super affordable.

These are the two stylers that I use and each are very affordable and available at your local Beauty Supply. Eco Styler is multipurpose and gives you a large size for a low price. Lock & Twist Gel is a lighter hold and is best used for creating braidouts and bantu knot outs.

As for oil, I didn't include any. The best place to get oil is Dollar General. For around $1-2 you can get a big bottle of olive oil that will last you about a year.

Collegiates, I leave you with these tips to help you stretch your dollar and better help you afford your hair products:

  • Eat in the dining hall and skip the fast food.
  • Don't drive all around wasting gas--walk or catch university transportation
  • Never pay more than $5 to get into the club


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