Friday, September 28, 2012

Snowymoon's Moisture Treatment

Last night I tried out the "Snowymoon Moisture Treatment" or SMT. I stumbled across this mixture on The Long Hair Community where the member Snowymoon shared the treatment. Here is a link to the thread where I learned about the SMT. I'm not sure if the link is visible to everyone.


  • 4 Parts Conditioner
  • 1 Part Honey
  • 1 Part Aloe Vera Gel
Mix all ingredients, microwave for 10s, mix again.

I used Suave Naturals Juicy Green Apple for my conditioner base. It is silicone and--as far as I can read--protein free. I used regular honey from the grocery store and Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel. 


I mixed up the SMT last night and applied it to my hair in sections. I finger detangled each section--no comb. Detangling was a breeze! I haven't seen the treatment touted as a detangler, but the tangles nearly fell out of my hair. I was pleased just with that. 

As I rinsed it from my hair the next morning, I could see that my hair was plump and moisturized. I also noted that the treatment had absorbed well overnight. I believe that I will continue doing this treatment as my regular DC. The ingredients are all things that I have anyhow and I can mix it up by changing out the conditioner I use as a base.

SOME NOTES 6/23/2013

Heating this mixture is necessary to stop the honey from producing peroxide, which will lighten your hair. If you want to keep your color intact--microwave this thang!

Also, if this conditioner does not have enough slip for you, add oil. I now add a part of whatever oil I am currently using at the moment to aid in the detangling ability of this conditioner.


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