Friday, January 08, 2016

Things Naturals Need to Leave in 2015

As we get settled into a new year, let us have a funeral for these natural hair "things" that are out for 2016!

1. Sleeping on cotton or using cotton head scarves
Before the online black haircare community became a "thing", black women have been sleeping in and wearing cotton scarves or getting their beauty rest on cotton pillows. For what this habit was, it worked, but now we know better! Please get a silk/satin pillowcase or a silk/satin head covering in 2016! This material will decrease friction between your hair and your pillow as you sleep and will also help you to better retain moisture in your 'do.

2. Using oil as a moisturizer
Oil does NOT moisturize! Oil is a sealant. It acts to lock in the moisture already in your hair. Please moisturize your hair with a leave-in, moisturizer, or basic water before going to town with the oil. You'll find that your hair will stay moisturized LONGER.

3. Copying other naturals
The online natural hair community is truly inspirational. You can see fabulous heads of natural hair with just a few clicks on any social media site. But let's take this for what it is in 2016--INSPIRATION! What is working for her may cause breakage for you.

4. Seeking perfect hair
The concepts of "perfection" and "human" just don't quite mesh. When I first went natural I would not step out unless I felt my hair was perfectly styled. The natural hair movement was younger and I wanted people to see natural hair looking good. Besides, I would most likely be one of only a few naturals they would see that day if they saw any others at all. Now, natural is everywhere. You no longer need to be the "natural representative" in 2016. Be you, be free!
What else should be left in 2015? Comment below! 

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