Wednesday, January 17, 2018

YouTube Broke My Hair | Blog Response

On January 13th 2018, Craving Curly Kinks uploaded a video titled "Youtube Broke My Hair." In this video Debbie tells of how excited she was to film a hairstyle video for her channel. In her excitement she decided to apply gel to her twists for the first time. She thought that it would give her a more smooth result. Basically, she wanted to flex for the 'Tube. 

The result was a head full of mini locs that when she attempted to detangle them, caused her to lose fists of hair and be set back five years in length. The video includes pictures of her hair throughout her natural journey so it is clear to see the comparison of her hair now to the photos from two years into her seven year natural hair journey.

First, I want to say that I felt truly sorry for her. Some people complained about the length of the video but I understood why it needed to be this length. It was difficult for her to explain what happened, how she tried to fix it, and where she is with her hair at the moment without crying. She just chose not to edit out the pauses and I think not doing so allowed the viewer to really get how upset she was. 

Second, I believe some of the tangling may have been due to applying gel to hair that was not super detangled. There is certain kind of type 4 natural that uses lots of oils and butters, does not fully detangle their hair, and tends to wear stretched hairstyles. These naturals tend to have very long hair as a result of their low manipulation regimens. I can think of several youtubers that fall under that category and Debbie is definitely one of these naturals. 

This kind of regimen works for these naturals. However, if one wants to wear other styles, there may be extensive detangling time and possible dry hair as a result. This is definitely a learning experience for Debbie. I hope that she remains encouraged, gives her hair a trim to prevent broken ends from causing trouble, and presses forward with her natural hair journey.

ALSO, should she ever want to give gel a try, she'll know to fully remove all buildup--oils and butters will leave buildup every time, generously apply a water based leave-in, and thoroughly detangle her hair. 

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