Friday, April 29, 2011

How I Detangle

 The last time I detangled my hair I lost a pea sized amount. You would have thought I'd won a championship the way I was acting. I cracked the code, guys! I figured out how to detangle 1 year post hair without going bald.

STEP 1: Coat your dry hair in some type of product for a prepoo. This is going to "lubricate" the hair for the next step.

STEP 2: Part your hair into four sections--ear to ear and front to back. Clip three sections away and divide the fourth into top and bottom.

STEP 3: Taking the section left, finger detangle your hair by smoothing it all in one direction, then separating it strand by strand. Try to rake through it and separate the strands that get caught.

STEP 4: After finger detangling a section, place it in a loose ponytail. When you finish you should have four ponytails on your entire head.

STEP 5: Wash hair and scalp with ponytails still in, taking them down to apply the DC.

STEP 6: As you rinse the DC out, take down a ponytail at a time and detangle it--using the same top and bottom sections--with a tool (denman, shower comb, tangle teezer)

I think that the dry finger detangling in combination with the ponytails to keep the hair smooth aided in my not loosing much hair as I normally would with the tool detangling. A week after I did this, I did bantus overnight for a meeting and my hair was still smooth and detangled, despite being in a puff bun all week.


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