Monday, September 10, 2012

DIY: Yogurt Deep Conditioner

A while ago, YouTuber Naptural85, put up a video of a new conditioning treatment she had been using. I noted how simple the mixture was but kept it moving. Fast forward to recently and my deep conditioner just hasn't been doing it for me lately. Looking to try anything, I went back to the Naptural85 video.

Naptural used essential oil to cover the smell, but I did this before a wash so I wasn't really concerned with the smell coming out.

I used Fage 2% because that is the only single serve yogurt that I could find with even a little fat in it. Due to our "fat free society" most of the yogurts were flavored and fat free. I couldn't even find the yogurt brand I had a coupon for in plain. I used dollar store ACV.

I mixed in 3 tbsp of ACV and mixed well with a spoon. I can tell you that this mixture is funky. lol.

I realized after the fact that one of those single serving cups was too much for one use. I only used half of it but didn't want to waste and dumped the rest over my head. 

I can usually measure the effectiveness of a deep conditioner as I rinse it out and that is what I did when I rinsed this out. My hair didn't feel dry as it had when I tried the lustrasilk conditioner but it didn't feel super juicy either. I'm going to try this conditioner again on my next wash day to see how it goes over a second time. I'll also be looking at how my ends come out of this bun. 

There WILL be a video for the next time I do this. I did it on a workout day and was too dog-tired to film a video + my husband was off work for Labor Day and he is forever calling me if I'm gone upstairs too long. -_-"


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