Friday, September 07, 2012

Product Review: Bonbons Cheveux Boutique

Their Promise:
Satin Cap
Our 100% Charmeuse Satin BonBons bonnets are handmade and have a decorative ribbon bow. Available in limited supplies. Handmade in America.

Plastic Lined "Hard Candy" Cap
Our 100% Satin Hard Candy bonnets are custom fitted with a plastic interior that is waterproof. This design is perfect for deep conditioning and keeping pillow cases and furniture clean. Hard Candy bonnets are designed to be one-size fits all. Available in limited supplies. Handmade in America.

Price varies based on cap size and additional options. A plain silk cap, single lined, w/o a bow is $25. A plain hard candy cap w/o a bow is $30. You can add a bow to either cap for $1.50.

My Opinion:
I don't know what came over me one day, but I decided to purchase a new silk cap and a more durable deep conditioning cap from I purchased a cheetah print silk cap with a black bow ($1.50 extra) and a zebra "hard candy" cap for deep conditioning without a bow. My order came quickly and was packaged nicely.


Hard Candy Cap 
I was really excited about the hard candy cap because I often sleep in my conditioner and I have to go though so much to keep the conditioning cap on and then cover it with my bonnet. The Hard candy cap stays on ALL NIGHT and DOES NOT MOVE. Also, because of the thickness of the lining, you generate quite a bit of heat for your conditioning.

Silk Cap
Now, I do not have any cheesy photos of me wearing this cap, but it is too cute. You will not find a cap with such a cute pattern in the average BSS. This cap does not move at night just like the other one. The only issues I had were the bow and the bleeding. The bow, as tied, will re-loosen every day because it is not sewn in place. You can either sew it down or make two "bunny ears" and tie your own bow with the ribbon. I did the latter and it has not come loose since, even when I washed the cap.

Sewn to the cap is a tag that has washing instructions and I'm glad they were there, because this cap does bleed onto your pillow. I had brown and black all over the pillowcase but it came out easily in the wash. You will need to wash this cap and leave it to dry flat. I have had to do this with other caps in the past (black and purple caps especially) so it isn't a big deal. 

As for the size options on the site, I would get the regular size cap if you have hair around APL like myself. I STILL have room in this cap. I can only imagine how jumbo their extra roomy caps are if they make the regular one so large.

Bottom Line: I absolutely love my new bon bons and won't hesitate to purchase again when my current ones wear out.

♥♥♥/3 Excellent!

Unless otherwise stated, all reviewed products have been purchased by myself.


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