Wednesday, April 01, 2015

5 Reasons Your Hair Isn't Growing

Is your hair seeming not to grow? Have you been stuck at that same shoulder length for what seems like forever? Check your hair routine to see if you could be making any of these mistakes.

1. You do not moisturize regularly
Textured hair is dry by nature. It is difficult for the natural oils of the scalp to make it down the hair shaft due to the twists/turns associated with textured hair. If you do not regularly help your hair out by moisturizing, it can become dry/brittle and break off.

2. You never strengthen the hair with protein
Hair is made of protein. You also experience protein loss each time you color or relax your hair. Keep the moisture/protein balance in your hair by regularly including a protein treatment in your regimen. I do a treatment at the beginning of each month and have experienced great results since doing so.

3. You are not gentle with your hair
Roughly combing, styling, and/or detangling of your hair can cause totally unnecessary breakage. Give finger detangling a try and adopt a less-is-more philosophy for your hair care regimen.

4. You are over trimming
I used to have beautifully fresh ends all the time. That is because my stylist trimmed off an inch of my hair with each relaxer. My hair was being trimmed at the same rate that is was growing so that my hair stayed the same length always. Stop cutting off perfectly healthy hair!

5. You are close minded
Yes! If you are still caught up in old wives tales and the belief that African American hair cannot grow to long lengths, you will reap what you sow.
Are you doing any of these? Do you know any others? Comment below! 

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