Friday, August 03, 2012

Excess Scalp Sebum and Flaking

Nearly two years ago in this post I wrote about some scalp issues I was having. I am not new to scalp issues and have had them on and off most of my life. My mom and brother each have their own scalp issues as well. He has severe dryness and dandruff and she has flakes that have been stopped with medicated cream. Lately my issue has shown up in the form of excess sebum most likely caused by my recent working out and sweating in my head.

After I've washed my hair I can scratch my head and come away with gunk under my nails. Ew! When my hair is dry, flakes rain down at the slightest scratch. Not wanting to buy a whole clarifying shampoo that I wouldn't use often, I tried to lather more with my current sulfate-free shampoo. That was an epic fail. I still had gunk though fewer flakes.

My next trial will be a scalp scrub. I will keep you all updated on how I do the scrub and the results. If that doesn't work I'll do an ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse.

UPDATE I did the scrub and I am extremely satisfied. Read about it in this post.

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