Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Find: I Unclogged My Drain...WOW

OMG, guys! So, my tub drain has been draining slowly, and the water was pooling at my feet. I've tried draino, plunging, and Coke straight out of the bottle--all failures. My drain might have been clear for a day or two, but went right to being clogged again.*ENTER ZIP-IT* I bought this baby at Walmart and barely had my shoes off before I ran to the bathroom to see it in action. I didn't get as much hair as the guy in the video, but it was indeed HAIR clogging up my drain. It looks like dirt and oils from my skin and scalp caused the hair to clump together in the drain.

As soon as my roommate comes home I'm going to use it on her tub too. Lord knows what might be down that drain because she's got APL hair that she washes daily. As soon as I can get the campus maintenance to unscrew my drain (it won't come out), I'm going to buy a hair stopper for my drain. Might even get my roommate one--with all the hair washing she does!


PS Happy Birthday, Mommy!!!

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