Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Update | My Breakage + Another Problem

So, I realize that I haven't spoken about my breakage situation since this summer! The breakage had actually ceased after I simplified my wash day by cutting out all of that sectioning, clipping, etc. All of these things caused excessive manipulation.

Update | My Breakage + Another Problem

My hair also became more moisturized after I changed my products. I had been unknowingly using all products that contained protein. Now, some months later, I'm dealing with a completely different problem.

Now I believe I have a MOISTURE OVERLOAD. Basically what that means is that my hair is soooo moisturized that it is beginning to stretch and snap.

After each detangle on washday, I am getting much more hair in the comb than I used to. I need a hard protein treatment ASAP.

In light of all of this, I recently bought the ApHogee 2-step treatment. I'm nervous about using something that makes your hair hard to the touch, but the breakage needs to end! I'll keep you all updated on the process.


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