Monday, September 05, 2011

Nivea: Why I'm not offended

About a week ago, this ad by Nivea began making an appearance on hair boards and blogs. Many people were offended, so many that Nivea ditched the ad. I waited for the hoopla to die down (and to gain internet access again) before putting in my two cents on this ad. 

I am not offended.

Yeah, I wrote it and you read it. I don't feel that Nivea is making a statement against natural hair with this ad. After all, this man isn't relaxed. If he were then the ad would be making the statement that relaxed hair is civilized and natural hair isn't but that simply isn't the case here. If you were to see the man in the bottom left corner would you think he "gave a damn?" Now, how about the brother at the top of the ad? Do you feel that he is clean cut and neat? If your answers were no and yes in that order, then you see this ad the way I do. 

No offense taken.

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