Monday, February 06, 2012

Month In Review: January

I wore a whole lot of twists and a whole heap of twist outs this month. I revisited the twist out puff on an old twist out and I also picked up the side rolls and EZ Comb hairstyle I mentioned on my Youtube.

You would almost think I am a bum with how infrequent my hair washing has become. lol. It isn't hurting me on the style front though. I get a few compliments here and there from my 3rd grade students. The 3rd grade is much more polite about my hair than the 6th grade was earlier this year. Also, my first twist out puff a few months ago looked like a high ponytail. The one I did this month looked more like I just pulled my hair back. I'm getting serious hang time y'all. lol.


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