Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Yarn Braid Aftermath

By now you will have seen my Yarn Braid Take Down video. I wanted to type more in depth about some of the aftermath of my braids.

No, those two are not the same, but I am just combining them to save space! I experienced minimal shedding. I was actually surprised at the amount of hair that slid out as I was going about my routine. It was definitely more than what I would lose on a regular wash day but not nearly as much as I expected. Now, breakage. If you have seen my video, then you know that the unraveling method of removing braids didn't work for me and I was forced to just pull the braids out.

I did hear a snap or two while I was doing this but not that often. As I brushed through my hair in the shower, I was met with no resistance. The brush glided through. I'm calling this a success in the shedding/breakage area.

The last time I had yarn braids I moisturized daily with African Pride Braid Spray. I was in love with the product and it left my hair super slick with little buildup after I removed my braids. This time around I mixed leave-in, water, and oil. At the beginning I was using Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus leave-in and then switched to the Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter when the SM ran out.

My hair was not as moisturized as the last time, but it was good to go. I also had a lot of buildup but that may be due to using a thicker shampoo this time (despite dilution). The buildup didn't cause a problem when I removed the braids and washed my hair.


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