Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hair Shortcuts For People That Have Better Things To Do

Who has time to spend day and night on their hair? ...*crickets*... That's what I thought. Here are a few things that I do or have done to shave time off of caring for my hair.

Dry Before Styling
Before I set my hair in a bantu knot out or braid out, I sit under the dryer for 30 minutes with my hair loose. The air flows through the loose hair leaving you with damp hair for styling. This 30 minutes under the dryer guarantees you to have dry hair when you wake up in the morning. Unbraid/Untwist and go!

Make your products pull double duty
My deep conditioner doubles as my detangler so I place these steps in my regimen back to back so that they can be done together. I know that people detangle prior to washing then deep condition but I promise you that conditioner detangling under the running water saves loads of time because it is faster. Besides, you were just going to rinse out that conditioner anyhow.

Find a place to split your regimen
I used to do this all the time! Find a treatment that can be left on your hair overnight--something that doesn't have a high pH or protein. I have deep conditioned my hair, left it on overnight, then completed my regimen the next morning. Doing this I only spend a little time the night before and a little time the next morning. win-win!

Sleep on wet hair
I tend to have more time on a Friday night than I do on a weekend morning. So, I will sometimes care for and style my hair then pineapple it overnight. I will cover this pineapple with a shower cap if I want my hair to dry tomorrow or a satin bonnet if I want it to dry a little overnight. 
What are your time savers? Comment below! 

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