Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to Deal With Smokey Hair

Today is the first day of back to college, yaaaaay! I was out so long that I can't even remember some people's names. I know, sad.

With school back in that means parties and parties = smokey hair. I go to school in the PURE country where it's totally normal to see people smoking in the club. I always feel so sick when I leave there and my hair smells terrible too. I hate it so much that I used to plan outings around my hair wash days.

Enter the miracle of dry shampoo. All you do is apply it then brush or shake it out. Where was this when I wanted clean smelling hair after the club without washing it?

There are several types of dry shampoo...

You usually spray these on, wait, then brush them out.

This dry shampoo is pretty much the same as the spray. It's just an option if you're hoping to avoid using an aerosol spray can. I bet it gets closer to the roots than the spray.

Now this is a new one to me. Tresemme  has a foaming dry shampoo meant for curly hair. This shampoo is better for curl hair because you don't have to comb/brush it out afterward which would ruin a curly style. I'm unsure if others exist.

The Tresemme will probably be best for me and my needs. Before I go out ANYWHERE I need to get this foam.



Hair Dryer said...

To be honest with you I've always washed my hair after leaving a club/lounge due to the smokey hair syndrome.

I never knew of any alternatives to me throwing my money away, or waiting to get my hair done after planning on going to an event.

Thank you for the dry shampoo tip.

Kayla said...

You're welcome. We all know what a hassle it is to go wash that hair after being out! lol.