Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Hair: Thanksgiving

As you all know, I straightened my hair for the Thanksgiving holiday in response to a rude comment I'd gotten from a family member. The results? Total fail! Yet again my hair was silky and shiny with far too much volume. I'm thinking there is something up in the blowdry area. Either I need a new attachment (I have none) or I need to get a hatchet style blowdryer that would be easier for me to maneuver.

That said, my hair was bunned by Black Friday. I'd forgotten what a clean, neat, and classic style the low bun is. I'm still bunned as I type this. I came back to school this morning in time for my first class, so I can't wait to finally wash my hair. I can barely remember the last wash day; it's been so long!

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