Monday, December 13, 2010

Neutrogena: A Letter to the Company

If you remember my review, you know that I love neutrogena triple moisture silk touch leave-in cream. I use it as my leave in conditioner after each wash and cowash and as my moisturizer daily. This product is almost at staple status except for one major issue; The product is entirely too small! I have to buy a new bottle each month. I'm thinking about moving on to another product, but first I decided to write a letter to the people behind my favorite moisturizer/leave-in.

Category: Product Complaints & Issues

Message: I am a Neutrogena Silk Touch Leave in Cream addict. I use it as my leave in conditioner and as a daily moisturizer. I love this product except for the size. 8oz is just so very small. I have to run out and buy another bottle each month. At $6-7 frequent trips to restock really add up. Is it possible for you all to make a bigger size? 

They replied with an automated, generic response. I think that if enough people complain we can get them to up the size. Contact them here:

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