Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Natural Products = Natural Hair?

So, I was at TJ Maxx buying my huge container of grapeseed oil when the cashier does the ONE THING that I hate for people checking me out to do. She begins to read the container. I really don't know why that gets to me, but it does. Anywho, she says "What does this do? Add flavor to the food or something?" I tell her that I don't know and that I use it in my hair. She then asks "You natural?" Now, I have on a wig so I could have been relaxed OR natural under this wig. However, I think she was assuming because I was using a natural oil that I must be natural.

I say "I am going natural, but I used oil on my relaxed hair". When I left I was wondering if people assume that natural products are only for natural hair and vice versa with natural hair being the only hair that can use natural products. There are many naturals who use products you can find in walmart, CVS, etc. Not every natural is all into the natural products. In the same light there are relaxed women who use natural products.

IDK, guys. Maybe I was thinking too much? lol.


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