Friday, March 04, 2011

UPDATE: Boundless Tresses & Uncertainty

 I started using Boundless Tresses shortly after my straightened length check in November. In February, I did another length check. There was hardly any significant difference in growth. I use this product fairly consistently, and am only down about half of the bottle. Will I say that it doesn't work? No. Other people have used and swear by Boundless Tresses. Honey, there is a Boundless cult!

Will I continue using it until the bottle is finished? I'm unsure about this one. I don't really see a point in continuing the use of BT and I'm a person that doesn't feel like I'm really losing money if I've used the product for a while. BT has been used on my head for a good 4 months! I wouldn't feel like I lost any money. I may give it another good two months and see where that leaves me.


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