Friday, May 20, 2011

Don't Touch My Hair!

 So, I am standing in line with my brother waiting to purchase tickets for the high school play when one of our church members spots me. She goes right for my hair and says--while petting me--"Kayla is that you in there?" Now, maybe I'm just tripping, but was that not rude? My brother says I'm tripping, but since transitioning I've noticed a lot more people touching my hair and it isn't in a good way.

My own grandmother put her hand in my hair several times. Once to say "what happened to your hair" and another time to say "Who's hair is this? It feels rough!" I know that people make excuses for her and say that she's older, speaks what she is thinking, and/or that she's just talking, but is she? ...and does she need to touch me while she's just talking?

 I don't know, maybe I'm losing my mind...

PS My hair was super soft the day she touched it to tell me it was rough. (-_-)?

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