Wednesday, May 18, 2011

HOTD: Pomp & Gibson

 So, I had been wearing a gibson with side rolls for a few days and it was starting to look raggedy. My SO said that I looked like a "Negro Spiritual" with the part down the middle. Early in the morning my mom calls me and TELLS me to come substitute for a teacher at her school. I tell her I'm tired...she ignores. Knowing that middle school children are harsh, I took the hair from the side rolls and pushed them into an asymmetrical pompadour. This 5 second 'do got compliments at the school and the nail shop where to women asked me if I was going to the prom--it was the next night--and if I had taken in a photo of this style. They were shocked when I said I did this myself in no time.


Taka said...

Your up do's always look great on you! That's what made me subscribe to your YT channel. I love this look!

Kayla said...

Aw, thanks!