Friday, August 26, 2011

Boys with "Good Hair"

A boy walks into the room and has a seat. He is sporting some cornrows with shells on the ends. I almost thought he was a girl! Yet another boy comes in and has his hair styled in a few ponytails. What do you think when you see children--specifically boys--with long hair? I know what I think, especially if the boy's hair is long specifically because their mother has an issue with cutting it.

Please don't shoot me for saying it, but both of these boys have curly hair lines and a silkier texture of hair. Is mama holding on to the hair because it's that "good hair?" Usually when we talk about good hair or hair in general in the black community, we are talking about young girls and women, but hair isn't just limited to a gender.

Recently, I have come in contact with people who are emotionally attached to their son's "good hair". I just feel the complex coming in these children's futures. I think parents have the right to style their little angels however they wish, but come on! When I have a child he will sport a high top fade or little fro.

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