Friday, August 12, 2011

Why Growth Aids Work

I don't know how I stumbled across it, but there I was watching a video by a girl claiming that dandruff shampoo was the secret to hair growth. I thought to myself, "I never heard of that one" and "why did something like that work?" Then, it hit me.

Your hair needs optimal conditions to reach it's maximum growth potential. If something is not right with the conditions under which your hair is growing like poor nutrition, dehydration, biotin deficiency, dry/flakey scalp, etc. your growth rate will suffer. I looked at some of the top growth aids and realized that almost all of them alleviated some kind of problem that may cause hair not to reach it's maximum growth rate. Have you heard of people using coochie cream on their head? lol. This cream is antifungal and will surely clear out whatever is on your scalp. If you have a scalp problem and then start using this stuff...GROWTH.

This also explains why some growth aids don't work for everyone. If you DO NOT have a scalp problem, then coochie cream or castor oil--also anti fungal--won't do a thing for you. So, yes. dandruff shampoo probably did grow this girl's hair because she had a flaking scalp problem to begin with.


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