Friday, November 16, 2012

Natural Hair Care On The Go

Lawd, do I hate caring for my hair while I am out of town. My husband has us leaving town for a pretty long time--long enough that I am going need to wash or at least wet my hair. If I wasn't doing the bun challenge I would just wear twists as long as I could and then turn that into a twist out when they started to look rough, avoiding the extra styling time entirely.

So, I have decided that I will be wearing my favorite bun. For some reason, the texture at my crown loves being conditioned and left alone to form--tightly. If I wear a high bun this formation causes tangles. My favorite bun is low so I will not have to really deal with tangles. I am going to go out and get the small version of the Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner that they sell at Target (all out, thanks guys!) and I am going to use some packets of Garnier Pure Clean that I already have. I'm also going to bring my regular Olive Oil Eco Styler gel because it is small as is.

My plan is to hop in the shower--no sections, no pre detangle--and shampoo and condition my hair with the Garnier. The whole time I want to be smoothing my hair because I am not going to detangle it. Then, I am going to let it dry in a T-shirt for an hour or so. I'll apply the mini SM all over my hair then slick it right back into the same bun with the Eco. I never really worry about my hair when I travel, but my husband has me going on what I believe to be the longest visit I have ever been on. lol.


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