Monday, December 24, 2012

Looking Back on the Hair Care Greats

As I sat sipping my cup of coffee one morning, I began to think about the women who were talking about healthy hair care online back when I was in high school. So much has changed in these years. Products with good ingredients are more widespread and available, natural hair is more mainstream, and it's not uncommon to have a hair blog/album/YouTube channel. I did a bit of snooping to see "where are they now."

1. CrownOfHisGlory
This woman was on YouTube with natural hair back in 2008. She already had long natural hair at that point so who knows how long she'd been natural before that! She was talking about natural hair long before it became popular. I watched her bantu knot out video when I was trying to learn how to do them and for a long time that was the video most commonly suggested when someone wanted a tutorial. She hasn't made a video or blogged since Novemeber '11. (Channel) (Blog)

2. SistaSlick
SistaSlick has been educating the masses with her posts on LHCF and her articles on Associated Content (now Yahoo! Voices). I learned so much about shedding, breakage, and protein/moisture balance when I needed it most. SistaSlick, or Audrey Sivasothy, now has a book out called "The Science of Black Hair" and I believe there is a second book as well. (Articles)(Science of Black Hair)

3. MacherieAmour
I believe Macherie's blog was the first hair blog that I regularly read and followed. She was the queen of roller sets and mainly maintained her hair by doing roller sets and wrapping for a straight look. I had never come across the roller-wrap previous to this. She has since removed her videos and blog posts on roller setting and has come out with a DVD. Her hair info is now locked up tight behind her Healthy Texture's pay community. I miss her blog from back in the day. (Website) (YouTube)

4. Sylver2
If you want to learn how to stretch your relaxer like nobody's business, Sylver is that chick! I learned a lot about transitioning from her. She has a YouTube channel but has not posted in 3 years. Her fotki is still a valuable source of information. (YouTube) (Fotki)

5. Pokahontas
I wanted to be just like Pokahontas from LHCF--no lie. She had BEEN natural and had already achieved length. I learned of the "cheat roller set" from her and boy was she the master of it! Her fotki (now protected) has lots of juicy details and she also shares a fair amount of advice on LHCF. (Fotki)

6. Chicoro
Who doesn't love Chicoro? I own both of her books and I also follow many of her tips; I surely do detangle with my fingers before I wash! She was also someone that I came across early in my hair care journey. She also has a very informative Fotki. (Fotki) (Blog)

7. SouthernTease
The concept of long term transitioning was foreign to me until I came across SouthernTease. I enjoyed watching her progress in her hair journey and I also loved her "SouthernTease" bun at the beginning of my own transition. She now blogs on ManeAndChic but her original blog and fotki are still up. (CURRENT Blog) (OLD Blog) (Fotki)

8. PinkSkates
Length, versatility, and fitness--PinkSkates had it all! She was the most versatile natural back then. She hot combs her hair bone straight and it bounces back each time! She once had a pay membership site but it is down. There is still good information on her YouTube channel. (YouTube)

9. DPrincess28
DPrincess really helped me shed my ignorance when it came to black hair and how diverse it can be. I did not know that black people could have curls like these! I literally thought everyone grew a picked out 70s fro naturally. She also showed me how versatile natural hair could be--straight one week, curly the next. She still blogs and uploads YouTube videos occasionally. (Blog) (YouTube

10. Traycee (KissSeventySeven)
Traycee is from the haircare olden days and is still blogging and YouTubing like she just came out and I love it! Her blog was also one of the early ones I came across. I also clicked with her journey because I was APL which is where she started. She now has a hair community in addition to her blog and channel. (Blog) (YouTube) (Community)

11. Sunshyne (Hairlista)
Long before I joined Hairlista, I came across Sunshyne. I believe she has started from the shortest length of all of the popular hair gurus. She was ear length while most start from shoulder or armpit length. Even if you don't join her community, read or blog, or watch her channel, you cannot doubt the success she has had on her hair care journey. (Blog) (Community) (YouTube)

Who do you remember from the early 2000s?


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