Friday, December 21, 2012

College VoxBox Ultimate Review

Remember the College Vox Box I received earlier this month? I'm back to hit you with a review of every single thing from the box.

Sheets Energy Strips
The concept of an energy aid that dissolves on your tongue is a very interesting concept. The concept, however, was the only thing that I enjoyed about this product. It does not cleanly dissolve. It kinda turns sticky and tacky in your mouth. It also does not taste very good. The energy? I didn't feel it y'all.

Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure
I may be biased because I was once a press on nail wearer but I did not like these at all. My first gripe was the packaging. All of the nails were thrown in the little bottle together making it difficult for me to pick the proper nail sizes. My nails are a bit different from the average--I can admit it. They have long nail beds, are more curved than flat, and naturally grow to be very long. These press-ons were too short even for my freshly clipped nails and they were designed for someone with a wider and more flat nail. I could not find any to match.

Most came off within 30 minutes, four rocked it out for one week, and here I sit two weeks and hair washings later with a pinky and thumb nail on my left hand. No bueno. I prefer Kiss nails for their varying sizes, long length, and strong nail glue.

NYC New York Color Show Time Glitter Eyeliner
I was taken by surprise how non-flashy and non-tacky this eyeliner is. The glitter provides a small hint of dazzle to the black liner. It also glides on very smoothly which is always a plus for pencil eyeliner. My only "eh" for this product is that it does not last long. I would suggest you use a good primer beneath this liner if you want it to last. The glitter may also have to be removed with tape.

Pentel EnerGel-X
This is a pretty good pen. It is like a blend of a regular pen and a gel pen. Gel pens can be too wet at times causing lefties to smudge the gel as they write. (s/o to the leftie family members) This pen would be great for people like this. Also if you like to take notes on the glossy textbook pages, this pen will dry quicker. Despite the smooth writing, this pen could be a little cheaper. College budget, y'all!

Necco Tropical Wafers
Necco is one of those brands that you either love or hate. Off top the original wafers weren't for everyone and it is the same thing with the tropical variety. My major gripe with this was that some of the flavors "disturbed the harmony" and were just too strong and...nasty. To make it worse, the nasty ones were similar in color to some of the good ones so you could not avoid them. I would probably pass on purchasing these.


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