Monday, February 04, 2013

Banding Technique

Stretching is a large part of styling my hair. I find that my braid out and Bantu knot outs come out better when I stretch my hair out prior to styling. I usually stretch by pulling my hair back into a low bun, twisting the loose hair into four two strand twist, then wrapping the twist around into a bun. I wear the bun for two days, then comb it out.

Results with my usual stretching method
As you can see, my hair comes out looking like a blowdry with my usual method. So, I decided to try banding!

I banded my hair in 8 sections, then sat under the dryer for 30 minutes on high and 30 minutes on low. My hair felt dry afterward, but I slept on the bands and left them in the next day until it was time to style my hair that night.

 My hair came out looking like a fluffy braid out. It wasn't easy to comb it out like my usual method but my highly textured areas were definitely stretched out. I'm not sure if I would revisit this technique. Seeing how well this dried, I may just do my braid out on wet hair and sit under the dryer for the same amount of time that I sat for the banding. It may actually come out fully dry and hold. I'm not so sure if this would dry a Bantu knot out though...


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