Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Two Strand Twists Maintenance

It is no secret, I am a twist-wearing girl. I have been wearing them since the very beginning of my natural hair journey. Due to how many twists I do and how long it takes, I take care to preserve my twists by caring for them throughout the style's duration.

[1] Styling 
From the beginning my twists have been styled with gobs of rinse out conditioner. This serves to get me a sticky hold and start me out with moisturized hair. Moisturized hair looks good longer.

[2] Moisturizing Spray
As needed, I spray my hair with a mixture of the same conditioner I styled with, a little oil, and lots of water shaken together. I seal over my hair with an oil after I have rubbed this mixture in.

[3] Silk Scarf
I preserve my twists at night by wearing my pocket bonnet. I like the bonnet because my hair can hang down and not get crinkly over night. If I were to lay my head down on cotton at night, It'd get frizzy quicker.

This routine is simple and has stood the test of time. Don't sleep on twists as a protective, length retaining style!

How do you maintain your twist? Comment below! 

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