Monday, August 17, 2015

Video: Pull Through Braid w/ Side Bun Tutorial

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This hairstyle is serving my "Elsa Realness!" If you have a sudden and strange desire to look like black Elsa...I got you!

This style is done on old stretched hair that had been taken out from a previous style and re-moisturized. 

Style Steps:
1. Pre-section your hair from front to back
2. Ponytail the front section, then clip it out of the way
3. Make a ponytail with the second section
4. Unclip the first section then split it to lie on either side of the second pony
5. Clip up the second pony where the first was previously clipped
6. Join the split pony into your next section's ponytail.
7. Repeat until you get to your nape and seal off with a regular braid and hair rubberband
(optional) 8. Roll the tail into a bun for "age appropriateness"

Watch the video:

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