Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What Is The Hardest Length To Reach?

I'm not sure what website I was on but someone posed the question "What length was the hardest for you to get to?" I thought that is was an interesting question and spent some time going through the responses. It seems that a lot of people experienced the "shoulder length hump" that is often reference in hair blogs and forums. My hypothesis as to why that length is hard to get over is that shoulder length is when you have the new variable of your hair rubbing against your clothing. If your regimen isn't strengthening and moisturizing, this new factor can cause breakage.

My hardest to obtain length has been waist length. It is ever elusive! I have experienced issues with not retaining any length on my journey to waist. I also had my hair straight break off a few inches! It's as if my hair just won't let me be great, lol. I am on the road to recovery and have really been monitoring my hair. I think I'm going to make it this time.

Now, I pose this question to you...
What has been the hardest length for you to achieve? Comment below! 

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