Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How to Handle Those Hair Trouble Spots

Everyone has a trouble spot. You know what I'm talking about, The trouble spot is that spot in your hair that just won't act right. It stays acting a fool! For me, my spot is the very front of my hair, along the hairline. 

The hair in my trouble spot is difficult to smooth, moisturise, define, and grow. Yeah...all of that. Luckily for me, it's such a small section of hair that it can be hidden underneath my style. 

How to Handle Those Hair Trouble Spots

What Causes a Hair Trouble Spot

You may not realise it, but you may be creating this spot without even realising it. We tend to have habits and patterns in the way that we comb, condition, and style our hair. You may be skipping out on applying product to that area, you may be combing it too roughly, or not using a technique that works for that area.

In my own rough spot, product tends to cake up there and flake. The reason why is because when I smooth my hair in that section all at once, the hair in my spot isn't long enough to get into that smoothing. I'm left with unsmoothed product on that section that then builds up and may flake when it dries.

Fix Your Trouble Spot

Next time you care for, style, tie-up, etc your hair, pay close attention to how you are treating the rough spot. Are you missing the roots when you apply your styler? Are you tying your scarf right on top of the trouble spot? Are you applying your products in another area first so that the trouble spot does not receive as much product? 

When it comes to caring for our hair, it's the little things that count. Where's your trouble spot and what do you think is causing it?

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