Wednesday, July 06, 2016

5 Signs You Need to Clarify

Is your hair just not acting right? Do your shoulders have more flakes than a mountain peak? If so, it may be time for you to clarify your hair.

I will admit that I went a long time without clarifying on a regular basis.My hair wouldn't be doing as I knew it should but I would press on and ignore it. I finally got with the program and I have been loving it ever since. 

If you are experiencing any of these issues, it may be time to whip out the sulfate shampoo.

1. A Dull Cast

If your hair looks sort of white/gray or just looks very dull, there may be build up coating your hair. Shiny/sheen-y hair is clean hair.

2. Limp, "Lazy" Styles

If your wash and go doesn't have that same bounce or tightness, it may be weighed down with product. "Set" hairstyles like braid-outs and bantu knot-outs may also fall flat more quickly than you are used to. 

3. Flaking

Flakes are excess product coming off your hair. I mean, where else would the extra go anyhow? Sometimes flaking is due to a bad reaction between products but if it is accompanied by any of these or symptoms, you likely have build up on your hands.

4. Dryness

If your hair is becoming increasingly dry/stiff despite having a moisturizing regimen, buildup may be the culprit. Product builds up on top of the strands, preventing moisture from truly getting where it needs to go. The longer you go before removing the buildup, the drier your hair will become.

5. Minimal Lather From Your Lathering Shampoo

If your shampoo is busy getting at the dirt, it may not lather as much. I have often seen it recommended to do a second lather if the first one didn't lather much. Buildup-free hair lathers up more than product coated hair. Of course this only applies to shampoos that lather. 

So...when was the last time you clarified?

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