Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Hotel Hair Regimen

Unfortunately, I am still living in a hotel. The first day of school was approaching and my scalp was becoming more and more dirty. It was time to do a wash. I had held off on this moment for several reasons.
  1. I don't have a way to catch hairs before they go down the drain
  2. I don't have easy access to all of the products that I use on my hair
  3. I don't have access to heat for my deep conditioner
So, I rearranged and removed some things so that I could get clean and freshly styled hair for my first day with the students.

I started off by shampooing my hair with Soapbox Soaps Coconut Oil Shampoo. This shampoo is a little more "cleansing" than I would use on a weekly basis but from the way my scalp was feeling...I needed a really serious shampoo.

Deep Conditioner
Still not sectioning or detangling, I applied the Shea Moisture 10-in-1 masque. I roughly twisted my hair into sections to control it for the shower cap. These hotel shower caps must be for people with no hair or small heads! I ended up putting the ice bucket liner over it. I then topped it all off with one of those terry cloth hair turbans from Dollar Tree and called it a night. 

As I rinsed my hair, I detangled. I was able to get my hair pretty well detangled. I think I contained most of the shed hair and didn't get a very large ball. I moisturized each section with the LCO method as I finished rinsing.

I decided to keep it simple. I did my hair in large plaits which I fashioned into an updo. My plan is to remove the braids for a braidout next week. 

Though I made this regimen work, I WOULD NOT do it weekly. I just found it to be way to cumbersome and inconvenient. I hope to be out of this hotel soon!

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