Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Why The Tea Rinse Didn't Work For Me

As promised, I'm back with a post thinking through why the black tea rinse I tried didn't work to reduce my hair fall. First, we have to understand what a tea rinse is supposed to do. The tea acts as a DHT blocker. DHT binds to the hair follicle and causes it to constrict and then release the hair. 

Wanting to  know more about what would cause DHT to be on your scalp in the first place, I read some things that implied that a high fat and processed food diet may cause there to be more DHT produced. Well...I'm a Vegan that eats a mostly whole foods diet. The occasional Oreo and bag of chips makes an appearance but they are not major players in my diet.

Perhaps what the tea fixes is not what was "broken?" 

I thought to other things I do that may increase shedding. I am extremely stressed out with moving and trying to get clear to buy a new home. I also began taking a higher dosage of biotin because it was a cherry flavored dissolvable. Hello convenience! Had the biotin came in a lower dosage, I'd have gone for that one,

Biotin is said to increase your hair's growth rate. I am taking that to mean that it also increases the cycle and shedding is indeed part of that cycle. My biotin has a little while to go but I plan to discontinue taking it at least for a month or so after its done to see if the shedding decreases. 

I have also not ruled out breakage as a possible culprit but most of the hairs are long.

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