Friday, December 30, 2016

New! SheaMoisture Dragon's Blood and Coffee Cherry Line

I promise, SheaMoisture is cranking out the new product lines like no one's business! It's hard to keep up with or try them all. Their most recent line has hit Ulta before it hit their own website. The Dragon's Blood and Coffee Cherry Line is labeled as being best for flat, thinning hair and contains the two extracts from which it gets its name within the first five ingredients.

The lineup has both hair and body products:

  • Volume + Shampoo
  • Volume + Conditioner
  • Volume + Lifting Spray
  • Rebound and Revive Bubble Bath & Body Wash
  • Rebound and Revive Body Lotion
  • Instant Rebound Mud Mask
  • Instant Rebound Foaming Face Wash
  • Instant Rebound Facial Moisturizer
As you can see, they pulled out all the stops on this line and touched every area of their brand except for makeup and hair color! I am most interested in trying the Body and Skin lines in their entirety and the conditioner. The conditioner is protein free and does not seem to have any ingredients that would necessarily add more volume to my tresses. Trust, I don't need that.

Wondering what Dragon's Blood is? Don't trip. It's natural and has a Wikipedia page. 😉 Read more:'s_blood

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