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Video | FAQ - What Is Your Hair Type?

As I create more videos on Youtube and begin to wear my natural curl pattern more, the question of "what is your hair type?" continues to creep up. I typically give a short answer of thickness, density, and porosity but I thought it was high time I just made a video. I will be linking this video as an answer for future questions!

Watch the video:


Hello Everyone Kayla Here and I am back to answer another frequently asked question "what is your hair type.?" I didn't get asked this question a lot when I first started doing youtube videos but as I do more videos and I wear my actual curl pattern now I do get asked this more frequently than I used to. I'm also starting to get asked "What's your porosity?" so this video will also answer this as well. I'm just going to start giving people the link to this video when they ask me these questions.


So, there are several parts to my hair type. The first part is a super obvious part and that's the density of my hair. My hair is very high density. There are a lot of strands on my head. Even when I had straight hair, I would put my hair in a ponytail and the ponytail would be "thick-in-these-streets", okay? So, I do have lot of hair on my head whether my hair is short or long I always use a lot of hair product because there is just a lot of hair.


The next part of my hair type is my porosity. I would consider my hair to be mostly normal porosity with areas of low porosity. Your porosity can change over time with different methods of taking care of your hair and just wear and tear in general. I guess over time my hair has become more and more normal porosity. It doesn't lose moisture like that *snaps*, but it doesn't take forever to absorb moisture. There are still parts of my hair where I'm in the shower on washday squeezing them to get them to soak the water in and parts of my hair where the whole other part of my hair will be dry and that one spot is not dry.

Of course porosity is something that is hard to measure because there are so many factors that can affect it like product build up and the last time you clarified. All of these things can affect the porosity of your hair.

The Andre Walker Hair Typing System

Finally, I know that this is what people are getting at and what they really want me to answer--the Andre Walker Hair Type. That's what people really want to know, right? I feel that this hair typing system is very visual and it really has no value outside of knowing if your wash and go will look like my wash and go. You can still use the same techniques that I use. If you have type 4 hair doing what I do is probably going to work for you or have some sort of something that is going to work for you even if you don't have the same sort of curl pattern design as me.

However, I'm going to answer it because that is what this video is about. I would consider my hair to be a majority 4a all over with an area with really small curls and it's the hair that's around the front. This hair is hard to define and easily loses definition. They get stuck together and are very small. Whereas the curls at the back of my head are much larger. They are more formed, so I would consider myself to be a 4A primarily with pieces of 4b/4c--depending. Some of my curls are very, very small.

That said there are people, youtubers that I subscribe to because their hair looks like mine but these youtubers consider themselves to be 3C/4A. Really, It's a very visual thing. You can tell me in the comments if you a see a different curl pattern. I really am not going to care because I found what works for me and I found it without knowing the "ABCD123" of my hair.

So, I hope that this has answered your questions about my hair type and my porosity and all of that. If you have any more questions about my hair, the properties of my hair, and things like that go ahead and ask those below and I'll answer them either directly in a comment or if its something that I start to get asked a lot, then I'll make another frequently asked questions video.

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