Wednesday, January 04, 2017

The Sales Associate Thought I Couldn't Part My Hair?

Christmas 2016 came early to my household. My Mom and Brother came to town before Christmas and left on "Christmas Adam" (Dec 23rd). Not wanting to miss any reactions, my mom asked that we open the gifts she got for us and the gifts we got for them. 

One of my gifts was a DevaDryer with DevaFuser attachment! I was super excited to get this because my old dryer is spent and my pop up diffuser attachment wasn't getting the job done. I'd hold the dryer to my hair for some time and....nothing. It was time to upgrade.

As I was marveling over my new dryer, my mom says "The lady at the store said she didn't know if you'd be able to get the dryer down in your hair." Um....? lol. I had two thoughts/questions after this comment.

1. What kind of hair can't be lifted/parted?

Even if you have the kinkiest of hair--and I am farther to the right on the hair spectrum as a type 4 natural--you should be able to roughly part your hair. At the least you should be able to lift your hair and insert the diffuser. If you can't lift/part, you have matted hair and instead of diffusing you should be gathering up some water, conditioner, and a detangling tool! 

2. How did my mom describe my hair to the sales associate?

Forgive my mom y'all. She doesn't know much about natural hair. She usually keeps a cute, short relaxed do. At times she dips over into the short natural side but our hair is completely different. Our hair is so different that I grew up in the salon. Bi-weekly I would have my hair washed, blow dryed, and straightened with either a hot comb or flat iron. 

Now, you must understand that my mom is in the "good hair" generation. She never said that I had "bad hair" but there were things for which I didn't have "that kind of hair." This makes me wonder what she could have said to prompt this response.

I've been natural for a while now and you just have to laugh at this kind of stuff. lol. I look forward to lifting my type 4 natural hair and getting my diffusing life. 

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