Monday, February 20, 2017

Video | Wash and Go Tag - ALL THE TIPS!

A  little while ago, I watched a wash and go tag by another youtuber. Her video was very informative and I incorporated some of her tips and tricks into my wash and go routine. Hopefully my video will be helpful to someone else.

Watch the video:

1. What are your holy grail stylers for your wash n gos? 
2. What is your holy grail moisturizer under your styler? 
3. Do you rake, smooth, shingle, etc.?
4. How long does your wash n gos typically last?
5. How do you preserve your wash n go?
6. Do you get tangles or single strand knots when you do wash n gos?
7. Does your climate affect how or when you wear wash n gos?
​8. What do you use to seal in the moisture and does this help with decreasing crunch? 
9. Do you style your wash and gos on damp or wet hair?
10. What advice would you give a new natural about wearing their wash and go?

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