Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Humidity Wars pt. I

This weekend I am going back down to the edge of Alabama for Mardi Gras with the family. I know that my transitioning hair is no match for the humidity and I'm going to desparate measures to avoid yet another busted 'do in front of the family. They probably think I never look presentable!

The first thing I tried is anti-humidity hairspray...FAIL! This spray is supposed to be 24hrs so I sprayed the hell out of it in the morning and then got in the shower to test it out. Um, I could feel my hair falling within seconds. At least the spray works on my roommate's hair.
Tressemme, Tressemme, oo UH-UH!

The next experiment is to use a serum on this bantu knot out I just did. I know braid outs don't last down there so I'm trying a bantu knot out. If it works, I can make use of this serum that I already had!



Anonymous said...

Maybe you should stick to flat twists styled into an updo of some sort?

Kayla said...

That WOULD be a secure option for those occational trips to the gulf IF I possesed the skill to do styles like that. lol. I'm horrible! I stick to "out" styles because those are what work in my non-humid area. If push comes to shove, a bun it will be!