Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Giovanni L.A. Natural Strong Hold Styling Gel

A few years back I reviewed the Giovanni L.A. Natural Strong Hold Styling Gel on my YouTube channel. I was not very kind to this gel. In fact, I outright trashed it and didn't even respect it enough to give it it's own video. It was shown alongside Kinky-Curly Curling Custard. I decided to give this gel another try since my routine and the condition of my hair are both different from the time of that original review.

Day 2 Hair
This time around my hair had more definition than when I previously used the gel, the smell didn't bother me as much, and the amount I had to use is pretty standard for what I use these days. Some of the negativity about the texture and amount stemmed from the fact that I was a devout user of Kinky-Curly Curling Custard. I am now used to using thick gels and applying plenty of product.

Though I am not as harsh in my feelings about this gel, years later. It's still not making it into the regular rotation. It didn't clump my hair as well as I am used to so I still had a bit of a puffy look. It was defined enough to get me through the week. My hair--especially my ends--felt a little bit dry when It came back around to washday. The crispy ends were not a joy to detangle.

Surprisingly, the last picture (taken at the end of the week) received two compliments within the same 30 minutes...hmmm...

Day 6 Hair
I've been over here revisiting quite a few gels that didn't get such a positive review. I'm planning to check out the IC Fantasia gel which I also didn't like when I first tried it. I remember giving it to my mom!

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