Friday, July 02, 2010

Find: Moni Poni

I've got a new one for you today, the Moni Poni! The Moni Poni is a plastic swirl that you twist into your hair for a ponytail holder. It's supposed to be less damaging and less stressful for the hair than traditional ponytail holders. I saw these little tools on and am a little tempted to buy. They seem like they'd be great for natural hair and I saw a man with locs wearing one on one of their european pages. I tell you, the things people think up these days. What do you think of the Moni Poni?

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tina said...

Go for it! I LOVE my moni poni. I bought a purple flower one on folica and then got a black spiral one. I have really curly hair and EVERYTHING gets stuck in it (so I expected the spiral to totally jam) but it was amazing - SO easy to use (well, it took me a second try but then it's like, whoa!) I will NEVER use a rubberban again. period.

Beth from Moni Poni said...

Hi Kayla,
Have you tried the Moni Poni yet? We'd love to know. Please contact me at
Thanks for the recommendation! Beth, MONI PONI LTD.