Monday, July 05, 2010

Use Your Fingers to Measure Your Trim!

I had been thinking about plaiting my hair all over and snipping the ends off for a trim. I didn't get around to doing the trim, but it had me thinking. "How do people just KNOW how much hair they're taking off when they trim?" I looked at my hands and then wondered if the sections of my fingers might be an inch, half inch, etc. So, I pulled out the tape measure and found that I could easily just place my fingers on the ends of my hair and measure just how much to trim.


The center space on my middle finger is exactly one inch in length

The width of the top section of my middle finger is a half of an inch

The width of the very tip of my pinky finger is a quarter of an inch

Of course these measurements may vary for different people. I have very small dainty-like fingers, lol. I encourage everyone to measure their own fingers before actually attempting to finger a trim measurement. If not, you might take off more than you think!

I used finger trimming in this video: Trimming Natural Hair


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