Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mama's New {NATURAL} 'Do!

My mom finally decided to ditch the few straight hairs in the front of her head and go au natural. She also went back to hair color. I took some photos of her 'do fresh from the salon. Look at those curlies!

Now, this is proof that natural hair needs knowledge and maintenance when I say that each one of those curls died in a sea of frizz the next day. My mom has never had her hair defined before and had no clue as how to maintain the look. After a few days of frizzy fro, she went out and bought the Smooth 'N Shine Curl Activator Gel for Extra Dry Hair. The words "curl" and "dry hair" were enough for her. lol.

Even though she was using this product, her hair still looked the same. I couldn't figure out why until I watched her apply it. She was spreading the product on her hands and then vigorously rubbing it into her hair and scalp. I laughed so hard when I saw her doing it and then told her that she needed to lightly apply the product and then twist and twirl her hair to form curls. She was still super rough--grabbing big chunks and doing quick half twists--but her hair curled up beautifully. You can't see the scalp like when the stylist did it, but it is unmistakably curly.

SN: I found out that the stylist, Karen, used Carol's Daughter Hair Milk as a leave-in and styler. I'm also thinking that mama may need her own post tag if I write about her anymore. lol.


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