Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wash and Go: Technique is Everything

Me before these techniques. Defined but only minimally
This past week, I have learned so much about the important of technique when it comes to a wash and go. Using the same products but different techniques, my hair came out completely different. I cannot exclaim thoroughly enough through this typed format exactly how different my hair was. I'm talking day and night, y'all! Three techniques helped me to have a better wash and go: returning to the LOC method, diffusing, and appropriate sectioning.

LOC Method
The LOC method is a staple in the natural hair community and for good reason, it works. It involves applying a liquid, water based moisturizer to the hair, sealing that with an oil, then sealing again with a heavier cream or butter. When I adopted the Max Hydration Method as my regimen, I moisturized my hair with a leave in then sealed everything in with a gel. This method is working for many on the regimen but I find that I need a little more sealant.

Thinking of the gel as the heavier sealant in the LOC method I returned to applying an oil after my leave-in and before my gel. My hair is much softer feeling and has more shine for this simple tweak.

I'll admit that I have owned a diffuser for several months but never used it. It takes time to diffuse and I wasn't willing to take that time. With the colder weather here in Florida I was kind of forced to diffuse my hair dry and I'm glad that I was. Diffusing greatly decreases frizz and increases definition. I can apply the same products and air dry and end up with a much less defined result. Trust me, I did this and the only change was the diffusing.

Appropriate Sectioning
I have more hair on just the back half of my head than some people have on their entire head. I'm not trying to throw shade; I'm just stating the facts. I think that we too often ignore hair density when it comes to natural hair care. Due to my very dense head of hair I cannot put my hair into 4 sections and think that the product is getting distributed--as so many naturals can do.

I looked to other naturals who have very thick hair--Kelsey and Kendra of the GlamTwinz334 channel. I browsed through any of their videos where they were applying product and noticed that they break their 4 sections down into about 4 rows. They do this no matter if they are applying deep conditioner, leave-in, or a styler.

I decided to apply my pre-poo, deep conditioner, clay mask, leave in, and gel in this manner and--bay-bay!--my hair is moisturized and very defined. My definition goes further up the strands and my hair was actually flat on top. I'm now seriously considering sleeping with my hair in a pineapple for volume. Also the movement in my hair is so much better that I'm almost certain that my hair would fall back down from the pineapple the following morning.

I might also mention that how you sleep on your hair is also a technique. My hair comes out differently in the morning depending on how I've slept on it. I recently purchased a pocket bonnet so that my hair can hang downward as I sleep. I'm trying to get rid of that graduated bob look that can be seen in some of my videos. (ugh!)


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